Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Great Adventure Sketches

Here are the inked sketches of my awesome road trip across Bergerac/France, Geneva/Switzerland, Vaduz/Liechtenstein, Innsbruck/Austria and Heidelberg/Germany.
 Eymet, France
Bergerac, France
Geneva, Switzerland
 Ingls, Switzerland 
Innsbruck, Austria
Aleisha's amazing hidden talent revealed! A beautiful horse sketch in Innsbruck!
The Swan Castle/Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany)
Heidelberg, Germany

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sketchbook Empire

I'm finally watching Boardwalk Empire after almost 30 friends recommended it. It is pretty fantastic. I especially love Jimmy Darmody and his friendship with Richard Harrow. The two are WWI vets and have both come back from the war as entirely different men. Jimmy has returned soulless yet has been able to retain all the things that could make him happy (a beautiful wife, a healthy and smart son, a home, etc) while Richard has retained his humanity but has come back physically harmed and can only look on as Jimmy's 'perfect life' unravels and Richard is left forever wanting. Having half his face blown apart, Richard is a man of few words, but I find it makes him all the more real since he does not have the luxury to gab. Jimmy only speaks lies now, forced to hide his true feelings (if he has any) inside and people often find it difficult to read him. Though Richard is a late edition to the first season, he completes Jimmy in innumerable ways. The actors' chemistry on screen is noticeable the minute they meet in a veterans' hospital ward and Jimmy decides to take Richard back to Atlantic City with him. Perhaps Richard will be Jimmy's salvation, perhaps Jimmy will remind Richard how lucky he is to have only lost half his face. Time will tell.
more to come.

Friday, January 6, 2012

a super trip!

 on the way to Porto!
berto jumping over rocks as i sketch Vigo's rocky beaches.
a really awesome and overtly communistic sculpture in Vigo's main junction.
Plaza Mayor. It was every bit as stunning in person.
aaaaannnnd a bit of Supes on a rainy day (drawn back in England a few days after new year 2012).